Summer Basil


Every summer I grow fresh herbs in pots that sit on the deck right outside of my kitchen. I love being able to step outside and cut fresh herbs for our cooking. This year I grew three kinds of basil: Siam Queen (Thai Basil), Nufar Basil, and Genovese Compact Basil. The Thai Basil is great for salads and Thai cooking. The Nufar and Genovese are great for making Italian Pesto sauce. Pesto sauce is made with basil, garlic, nuts, parmesan cheese, and olive oil. Today I made two kinds of Pesto, one with Pistachio nuts and the other with Pine nuts. Tonight we are enjoying  Paccheri Rigati, a wide large noodle resembling a rigatoni, with the Pistachio nut Pesto. The other Pesto I am bringing to my son who is spending the summer in New York City and he loves home-made pesto. We will our accompany the meal with a nice salad and delicious Focaccia bread.

Today I share a great quote from Albert Einstein.


2 thoughts on “Summer Basil

  1. Hi Ariadne,

    We miss you at Kennett Square Newcomers! And although we don’t have Tasters anymore, we do have Lite Lunch, which is a great group.

    I’m interested in your latest post about Basil and Pesto. I, too, have fresh herbs growing, but in a little garden that my husband set aside for me beside our patio. It has a soaker hose attached to our sprinkler system, so it flourishes. I have sweet basil and Thai basil and they are doing beautifully this year. Do you ever make a pesto with the Thai basil? I looked up some recipes and they use fresh ginger and garlic, and some use sesame oil (not too much, of course).

    Keep sending your Kitchen Blackboard — I love it.

    Many thanks!

    Paula Taylor


  2. Hi Paula, So great to hear from you. I have not made pesto with the Thai basil but your recipe sounds delicious. I’ll have to try that. Thanks for the tip. Ariadne


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