Moroccan Food

My daughter has 20 days left at home before she heads to college. Our son has been in New York City for most of the summer doing an internship and joins us in 9 days for one week before he resumes college. Since food is so important to our family we have laid out a plan for the next 21 meals at home with our children. Tonight on the menu is a Moroccan specialty, Chicken Basteeya, one of our daughter’s favorites. It is a phyllo (filo) multilayered pastry pie filled with a delicious chicken made with shredded chicken thigh meat seasoned with Turmeric, garlic, ginger, ground almond, cinnamon, orange blossom water, lemon, cilantro and parsley.

Where has this summer gone. Before long we will be helping both our children move into college and my husband and I will back to being “empty nesters”. For now, I remain mindful of today, of our time together enjoying yet another delicious meal.

Today I share a quote by Nelson Mandela.