Pizza Night

My husband and I started making pizzas in business school (1000 years ago). Over time, my husband has taken over the pizza making in our family. He has experimented with many dough recipes. He has perfected the cooking process by using a 1/2 inch thick slab of steel in a 550 Fahrenheit degree  oven. He switches oven setting continually between broiling and baking.  I help buy the ingredients and sometimes help with the preparation but today I was busy fighting with bad Christmas light extensions. Not my favorite part of the process.

  • pepperoni
  • red pepper, black olive & bacon
  • shiitake mushroom, bechamel sauce, caramelized onion, & bacon
  • flank steak, bechamel, & bacon
  • Italian sausage & caramelized onion
  • prosciutto, fig jam, & arugula


Ci Piace il Cibo Italiano

“We Love Italian Food”. Our family loves Italian Food. Although we make foods from around the world, we tend to gravitate to the family roots. Today we are enjoying my husband’s homemade pizzas. In 2016 and 2015 we enjoyed pasta dishes. Delizioso!!!

My daughter and two of her friends are doing a Senior project for school. They have developed a food blog called Food Coma: 3 Girls & Way Too Much Food.  They are spending 2 weeks trying delicious food, writing about their experiences, and developing recipes. Wow, sign me up for that project!

Last year, my son and 3 friends built a huge trebuchet (a type of catapult) for their senior project. They named the trebuchet Gorgan. It was pretty impressive watching the trebuchet launch balls of different sizes and seeing them travel  long distances. Crazy boys and their medieval weapons.


I share quotes by Louis Pasteur, Benjamin Franklin, and Henry Ford.



Chocolate Birthday Cakes, Of Course!

Although the official birthday is not until tomorrow we will sing “Happy Birthday” tonight so we have an excuse to dive into the luscious triple layer chocolate birthday cake. When our children were little I would experiment and make different birthday cakes for my husband. In particular, I remember making a delicious Lemon layer cake when we lived in Brussels because my husband likes lemon flavors. The children were babies then and clearly had no say in the birthday cake flavor selection. Well, fast forward to today when in my family a birthday cake is not a birthday cake unless it has chocolate or a combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Last year for my husband’s birthday I wanted to experiment and make a chocolate cake with a white frosting. The “judges” did not give that combination high marks.  I have been wanting to make a white cake with a raspberry filling. I guess I’ll make that when my daughter goes off to college. For now we must settle (ha ha) for a luscious triple layer chocolate cake with a chocolate cream cheese frosting. And we cannot forget the tall glass of milk with the cake!

As I write this blog I am in the process of making my lasagna. I cooked the ragu Bolognese meat sauce yesterday. This morning I made the béchamel. I am currently boiling the lasagna sheets and then it’s assembly time! Here’s a link to my blog describing our lasagna.


Last year my hubby made pizzas.


In 2014 we enjoyed bow-tie pasta with homemade pesto and spicy Andouille sausage. For dessert we made “chocolate dips”, a cookie recipe passed down from my mother-in-law. Depending on the season of the year we decorate the cookies with sprinkles to match.


Hand Tossed Pizza & Pork Lo Mein

Three years ago on this day we enjoyed my husband’s hand tossed pizza. We repeated some our favorite toppings: red pepper & black olive, pepperoni, and sausage & caramelized onions. We experimented with new toppings on one of the pizzas, carbonara sauce with arugula and pine nuts.


Two years ago today we were celebrating President’s day. I share with you a quote by George Washington. That day we made our delicious pork Lo Mein using America’s test kitchen recipe.


Carnitas, Pizzas, and Finger Food

On this day in 2014 we were on the 3rd day of a 4-day power outage. Getting the power generator the day before helped enormously. That night we repurposed leftovers and enjoyed a meal of soft tacos with carnitas, chimichurri, and refried beans.


In 2015 on this day my son had taken an SAT test. We felt he deserved an awesome dinner and so dad made his delicious pizzas.


That brings us to last year’s Super Bowl party. It was a finger food celebration with a spectacular ending of a triple layer red velvet cake.


Today I share quotes by George Bernard Shaw and Vince Lombardi.



Happy Groundhog Day!

So for all of you out there who are fans of Punxsutawney Phil, prognosticator of weather, Happy Groundhog Day to you! But I am a bit disappointed that Punxsutawney Phil has predicted 6 more weeks of winter. Well, the upside of that is that we will continue to enjoy winter dishes.

In 2014,  Super Bowl XLVIII fell on Groundhog day. We got to enjoy a  feast of finger food that night while the Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos. We made homemade puff pastries and sausage with sweet potato fries. We did a little prognostication ourselves that day since we placed the Seahawk above the Bronco when we drew the board earlier in the day. Punxsutawney Phil also predicted 6 more weeks of winter, and boy was he right, we were days away from terrible snow and ice storms.


Another delicious comfort meal in 2015, a Texas Cornbread Shepherd’s pie.


And that’s brings us to this year. Today is an easy day in the kitchen. I took out of the freezer some of our homemade pizzas. Once again it’s that time of the week to gear up and think about the delicious food we will make for the weekend. More to come…



Pizzas, Guacamole & Chimichurri, and Snow Days


My husband and I started making pizzas during business school (1988 -1990). We would make a variety of 4 to 8 pizzas at a time and share with our classmates. Our pizzas were famous. My husband makes the dough and I help with the toppings. He has perfected his technique over time. In the beginning we used  a pizza stone  but now we use a 30 lb slab of steel that we got from the local steel guy. The slab is preheated to 550 degrees farenheit. He mixes a technique of baking and broiling. My husband has experimented with many dough recipes and his favorite is Peter Reinhart’s Napoletana Pizza Dough Recipe dough which requires rising overnight. We also have a “quick pizza dough” by Serious Eats that just needs a couple of hours of rising. Some of the family’s favorite pizzas are: mushroom duxelle, pepperoni, sausage & onion, and red pepper & black olives.

Theres a funny story about my son. When he was about 12 he was invited to the New Jersey shore for the weekend by two families. When it was close to dinner it was announced that they were having pizzas. My son went to one of the dads and asked him if he was making the pizza which caused a roar of laughter by the parents present in the room. Connor explained how in his house his dad made pizza. I think that is when Connor discovered that not all dads make pizza.

The Winter of 2014 was very snowy with tons of snow days – days off from school. This particular week the children had 3 snow days, a definite cause for celebration on their part.


As a Colombian person I have definitely made a lot of latin american food over the years. Here are two links to my Guacamole and Chimichurri recipes found in my other blog.



Lemon Chicken is another staple in our family. It’s the same as Chicken Piccata. It’s chicken breasts in a delicious sauce of chicken broth, wine, lemon, with shallots or onions, capers, and parsley.




Sausage, Peppers, Onions, and Potatoes – A perfect comfort food after snow blowing and shoveling days of snow.

Clearly, we were not getting too  inspired with the quotes since we kept the same one for days. I promise we’ll start changing those.