To Jump In The Mouth

To Jump in the mouth is the literal translation from the Italian word “Saltimbocca”. Today we are enjoying a delicious Chicken Saltimbocca, which is a chicken cutlet with leaves of fresh sage pressed on the raw cutlet followed by a slice of prosciutto, floured lightly, and then sautéed in a pan. After the cutlets are cooked they are removed to a plate and tented. The drippings of the pan are used to make a light wine and chicken broth sauce. The chicken is returned to the sauce and then served, chicken that will jump right into the mouth. We will accompany this chicken dish with Potatoes Anna, which are thinly sliced potatoes stacked in a 9-inch skillet and baked in butter. Mmmm. Our veggie today is zucchini slices that are lighted encrusted in a parmesan cheese bread crumb mix. All these mouth-watering foods will be quickly jumping in my mouth for sure.

Today I share a quote by Winston Churchill. It’s a quote the reminds us that as great as our imagination can be, there are times that our imagination can betray us.





Super Bowl & Snow

Today I share January 25th from 3 years, 2015, 2016, and this year, 2017.

In 2015 I got my wires crossed and thought that the Super Bowl was on the 25th of January. My children read the board and told me I had the wrong date. Oops, I quickly added the word “practice” after realizing my mistake. Also on the board is the word that no one can ever spell including myself “hors d’oeuvres”. I got to practice spelling “hors d’oeuvres” again the following weekend for the REAL Super Bowl celebration. The reason for palm trees  was that my daughter had been on a school trip to Belize earlier in the month. Even after she returned I kept the palm trees to help get me through the doldrums of winter.


In January of 2016 we had what I termed the Great Blizzard of 2016. It had started snowing days earlier and the children got a snow day on the Monday. That night we made delicious Indian food.


And that quickly brings us to this year. There is a snowy theme on the board but we have yet to get a real snow storm (shhh don’t say it out loud). Tonight I am throwing together a pasta with ingredients I have in the house,  italian sausage and ricotta cheese. I’ll make an easy tomato sauce and the addition of the ricotta cheese will turn it pink and hence the word “blush”.


I bring you three quotes from: Paolo Coelho, Sir Winston Churchill, and Margaret Thatcher.